We Validate Your Idea In Less Than 2 Weeks

Discover who your target market are, how to reach them and how much they're willing to pay before building your idea.

Why Validate?

Starting a business without validating your idea is like buying a car without taking it for a test drive. You'll lose thousands of dollars and waste endless hours of your time. The worst part is that it's completely avoidable. Validation means learning whether your customers will pay for your idea, before you build it. When you validate, you learn how to acquire customers profitably so you can launch your business faster and cheaper!

Why Demand Rocket?

Validating is not easy. It's actually why most startups fail. From knowing where to start, finding the right people to talk to, receiving unhelpful feedback... the list goes on and on. We know, because we've had years of experience validating businesses. We've started our own and helped countless others because it's what we truly enjoy doing.

Save Time and Validate Correctly

We can validate your idea faster and cheaper than you can build your business' website!

Problem Identification

Let's jump on a video chat and discuss your idea, the problem you are solving and how we can help in more depth.

Problem Validation

We survey hundreds of potential customers and research your market. We'll discover what problem your customers want solving.

Solution Validation

Lastly, we A/B test landing pages to discover how much customers are willing to pay and how much it costs to acquire them.

What You'll Receive

About Us

I'm Ben Coughlin, ex-Chief Student Entrepreneur at the University of Queensland and founder of Backyard Coach. In just a year I grew Backyard Coach to 15 employees in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. But like most first-time entrepreneurs, I learnt validation the hard way. It took 6 months to acquire Backyard Coach's first customer! Since then, I've worked with many entrepreneurs, having taught them how to validate their idea as fast and as cheaply as possible.

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Ideas We've Helped Validate

"The hardest thing about starting a marketplace is that you have two completely different sets of customers. I had gotten to this point with Discomfort Dares where I was terribly confused and on the verge of giving up. Then I found Demand Rocket. They simplified the whole process for me, and helped to figure out what problems I’m actually solving."

Riannah Burns

Discomfort Dares

I'm Interested!

Let's jump on a video chat and discuss your idea, the problem you are solving and how we can help in more depth.